The Cutest Travel Gear (Ever) Part II
Monday, June 22nd, 2009 by Trendspotter   

As promised, here’s Part II of The Cutest Travel Gear…


[Clockwise starting from Top Left] St. Tropez Toiletry Bag $46, Betsey Johnson Small Cosmetics Bag $22, My Tote Make-up Brush Roll $35-$37, Charger Case $14 to keep all your chargers in one spot, Mozambique Garment Bag $198, Hat box bag $41.25, (for those of us who bought our fedoras before realizing they make special foldable hats for travelingIt  happens.)


[From Top to Bottom] Blowdryer Case $20, Flat Iron Case $20,
Wet Bikini Bag $18, Laundry Time $30.

I have all four of the bags pictured above and I use them on every trip I go on. They’re so helpful in keeping things organized and protected. I’ve never actually stored a “wet” swimsuit in the bikini bag, but I use it just to keep my swimsuits all in one place and in the winter I use it for bras.

I randomly found the bags at a T.J. Maxx Home store about two years ago. Not looking for them of course. At the time, I also found two matching shoe bags. I tried to buy more since, but haven’t been able to find any. I’ve seen similar ones, but they aren’t as cute and are definitely not as good of quality, and they cost twice as much. Grrrrrr!

The closest match I could find was on Etsy, where a couple of sellers will actually custom make them for you and embroider your name on them. These are far cheaper than ones I’ve seen and way cuter too.  See for yourself.


[Clockwise from Top Left] Flip-Flop Travel Bag 2 for $11, High Heel Travel Bag 2 for $11, Custom Name Embroidery, Slipper Travel Bag 2 for $12.

I love these shoe bags cause I’m kind of a germ-a-phob. The idea of the soles of my shoes touching my clean clothes really grosses me out. The only problem with them is I sometimes forget which shoes I’ve packed in which bag, so I end up having to dig through my suitcase and open all of them. If I’m really on top of things, sometimes I’ll stick white labels on them.

These clear shoe bags by Design GO are an obvious solution, but they’re not as pretty and that’s what we’re about here.

shoebags2Clear Travel Shoe Bags $6, Tumi Shoe Trunk (holds 12 pairs) $5,000. (Because a girl can dream, right?)

Yes, I sometimes choose fashion over function, but not when it comes to traveling with jewelry. I swear whenever I open my jewelry case after a flight, it looks like a crazy orgie took place. Every piece I own somehow manages to get tangled up into one clump, no matter how hard I try.

There’s nothing worse than spending precious vacation time untangling when I could  be doing something way more fun. That’s why I’m crushing over these new Knot-No-More sleeves I just found. Each necklace is locked into place in its very own sleeve eliminating the chance of any pieces getting frisky with each other.


[Clockwise from Top Left] Jewelry Roll $59.99, Satin Drawstring Jewelry Pouch $35,  Tiny Jewelry Case $38 (for those with just a few key pieces) Knot-No-More Jewelry Sleeve $7.95.


[Clockwise from Top Left] Kate Spade Passport Cover $66.99, JCrew Passport Cover $9.99, Tiffany’s Passport Cover $100, Red Headphone Girl $16, Dunce Boy $16, Dunce Girl $16, Dooney & Bourke Giraffe Passport Cover $45, Dooney & Bourke Passport Cover $135, Toile Passport Cover $16.


LAmour Luggage Tag $11.99, Cupcake Luggage Tags $14, Egg Luggage Tag $22Strawberry Leather Luggage Tag $45.

Happy Travels!

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