Style on Trial, Case # 37
Thursday, February 4th, 2010 by Trendspotter   

Taking the Stand: Shoe Clips

Let’s start by reviewing the case: In the “Superman” movies all Clark Kent needed was a pair of thick rimmed eye glasses and no one could tell he was the man of steel. One man had two identities because of one simple accessory. That’s the idea behind shoe clips, detachable embellishments that work like a clip on tie.

Shoe clips seem to be growing in popularity too. We know of at least 3 new companies specializing in you guessed it–accessories for your shoes. (Refer to Exhibits A, B, C)

Bling it on say the makers of Shoe Bling™ whose extensive line includes bling for  all occasions and ages.

Exhibit A


The 2 Bandits girls specialize in harnesses and chains for boots. Gitty Up!

Exhibit B


Exhibit C

And last but certainly not least is the L.A. line Boos & Besito, who specialize shoe blooms.

Exhibit C

Members of The Pretty Committee…is Shoe Bling dazzling or dumb?

left-tieLeft-Tie: This is like the “Bump It” for shoes so if you want to look tacky go for it. I can’t imagine any woman who has paid good money for her shoes would want to cheapen them w this product. And what’s worse, they have them for kids so you can teach them bad fashion at an early age.

KAWAIIKIDKawaii Kid: I’m not seeing shoe bling really hitting the main stage. Sure it looks fun for teens who are exploring their fashion limits, but if I actually saw someone wearing these it would be hard to take them seriously, seriously.

TrendspotterthumbTrendspotter: I like most of the shoe clips in the exhibits. I think some of the shoe blooms are a bit much, but on the right person, they could work. I’m especially drawn to the boot chains, although I can’t imagine where I’d put them on any of the boots I already own. I could see myself buying a few and then having to buy “the right” shoes to go with them, which kind of defeats the purpose.

LadyLexLady Lex: Bling me up scottie! I love this trend and it’s absolutely great if you’re on a budget. I also love it because it adds some edge and flair to a basic shoe. I actually just bought some shoe bling from bcbg, although I have yet to sport them. But, I’m looking forward to adding some *bling bling* to my basic black heels.

AshleyNEWAshley: I love shoe bling and I want some now. My black Frye Boots are doing some serious work this fall/winter and could seriously use a little sprucing up with some fun chains or a funky flower. As long as these are made of some high quality materials and a fabric that’s a little something special I am all over a YAY vote for these!

Leslie4Leslie: I love shoe “bling”!  I’ve been adding vintage broaches to my heels and boots for years. I love that you can be really creative and find new cute things to add on your own or you have the option of buying these adorable clip-ons! So don’t get caught with naked shoes this season! I can’t wait to get some of these!

PoshHippiePosh Hippie: Other than people who make their money selling frivolous shoes, I can’t see why anyone would object to this. The shoe blossoms are tacky, but the rest are pretty cute. This is also a great thing for people who live in small spaces. Rather than having 10 pairs of shoes, you can have one basic and change its look with your moods. The accessories, all representing a new look, could fit in one shoebox. I wouldn’t be surprised if the “green” people grab a hold of this concept and market it as a way to reduce waste. Who isn’t guilty of buying a pair of shoes from Forever 21 or Wet Seal and then wearing them once? Not very friendly on the planet. 

Verdict: While we have a couple of strong opponents, overall we’re for it. Bling away!


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2 Responses to “Style on Trial, Case # 37
  • EM on February 28, 2010 at 12:24 pm

    Oh god…is it 1988 again? Shoe clips were the big thing then–what goes around comes around.

  • Anonymous on February 28, 2010 at 8:44 pm

    oh wow…these are so neat. Ive never heard or seen anything like these but will definitely keep an eye open for them. I like the idea of changing up my shoes with something so easy.

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