Loco for Rococo
Wednesday, September 15th, 2010 by Al   

I must have been bitten by some sort of bug today. I’ve spent this evening poring over vintage Victorian-style cottages, neo-Rococo home decor, lace patterns and other frilly girly things. It could be my heart’s way of bidding farewell to the summer, taking one last glimpse at the florals and filigrees.

Of the few castles I’d seen in Europe, the Linderhof Palace left the deepest impression. My mind was blown away by how charmingly compact it was, yet lavishly decorated in Neo-Rococo style to be an abbreviated version of Versailles. It reminded me of those carved wooden eggs that open to reveal an intricately detailed miniature of a city.

Linderhof (King Ludwig II's bedchamber - chandelier)
Bottom photo courtesy of WVJazzman

All cottage photos taken from the New York Times

This was once a hunting lodge before it was converted into a little Victorian getaway cottage. Not quite a palace like the Linderhof, this little wooden dream box still fulfills a romantic longing for its owner.


Speaking of longing, my heart aches with longing for these beautiful decorative pieces from An Angel At My Table. It’s a shame it’s only available in the UK.

Perroquet Sconce

Birdcage Accessories

Bird and Flower wall decorations

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  • Jyra on February 4, 2012 at 3:22 am

    Wow!! its totally like something out of a fairytale!! the bed inside the cottage looks like something sleeping beauty or snow white would sleep in.

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